Monday, October 13, 2008

May Be Old to You, But its New To Me!

And I am so glad we purchased it....

My poor hubby has worked almost 80 hours this past week and he rewarded himself (us) with the Wii Game System...(and a few accessories and games!) I guess he has finished putting it together as I here Mario Kart....he just ran in with a big Kool Aid smile.. "BABE! You have got to come try this! You have got to come try this!!!!" I told him I will as soon as I finish posting... I am dog tired...I cooked greens this evening as it was a request from my nana, but you know those suckers take forever to cook!!! Unless you cheat and buy them by the bag!

***Today was officially her first day of it was an exhausting day for her.

Anyway...where was I? Back to the Wii...Thanks to my very good friend Laurie for talking about it quite often, and THEN here comes one of my Scrappin Sistas to tell me she went out and found one...and was up ALL NIGHT LONG!!! So...with all this talk I had to do my best in talking Reg into possibly checking it out., I personally wanted to check it out for the Wii Fit since that is the hype and I hear how well it we will see! I will tell you the truth when I feel the results! ....(Now I hear..."YES!!!! YOU SUCKERRRRRSSS!!!!!!). Wow...I guess I better hold to my word and go check it out!


Here's to a Wonderful Week!


Candace said...

LOL! Yay for a Wii! We (my family) really wants one but they're so expensive! We just need to start saving. I'd really like to do the Wii fit, too. You made me laugh talking about cooking the greens. My little brother plants mustard greens and when they're ready he goes and gives them to our neighbors and his teachers at school because we don't eat them but he just likes to plant them. At school the teachers call him "the mustard green boy." LOL!

Laurie said...

So what did you play?? The Hula Hoop is fun and a good work out after you unlock the one with the 6and 10 mins. We also really like bowling . Next Reg will have to get Guitar Hero... that is also alot of fun.....once you figure it out.

The Fry's said...

We LOVE our Wii! We downloaded some games and have four or five and we have a blast. Right now, I can't turn it on because I am addicted to Cabela's Trophy Hunts, and I will stay on it for hours!

Have fun!

Sarah said...

Oh yay for Wii! Amber wants one for Christmas - she actually asked for Wii Fit! Gosh Bre is growing up - our rooms look very similar with toys all over the place, one day I'll see my mat again! Love the photos of Bre climbing - little girl on a mission! Have a great week Trisha! {Sarah}

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