Tuesday, October 07, 2008


We just got back from the Dr's today...and it went as expected. OH...and must I mention how difficult it is to be the "Family Reporter?" What a responsibility....but that's okay..its now my job and take with much pride!

basically, the known site is "unknown." She went through a series of test from the past 2 weeks:
  • Needle Biopsy of the Liver - checked out fine (with the exception of the 14 holes...with this biopsy, they were able to confirm that indeed she has cancer.)
  • Chest X-Ray - Checked out fine...no lung cancer
  • Pelvic Sonogram - Checked out fine...no ovarian cancer, the mass in her pelvic area, not cancer.
  • Colonoscopy - Checked out fine...nothing.

So needless to say....the Dr's are most definitely stumped, and stated she was quite complicated. They did say 15% of all cancer patients are diagnosed as "unknown" What they did say was that it can possibly be Cancer of the Bile Ducts...but then again they aren't sure because they are still stumped as to where it may have originated from. Her Oncology Dr stated that for now they will treat as if it is Cancer of the Colon and go from there.

Dr. really didn't want to do chemo but my nana kinda insisted on it...so they will start with a pill form. I am sure most of you may know why he was against it for obvious reasons...there will be high chances of her getting weaker. The Dr could see right away that she appeared slightly weaker, which there is no denying that....she is getting weaker. So with that said...what I need from you that are praying and have prayer circles going on for us is STRENGTH!

I thank you again for your continued support and prayers...I wish I could thank each of you with a hug...so I am sending a ((((cyber hug)))). If I work with ya, just come collect your hug, cause I owe ya.

Okay...done for now before I cry! BYE!

One more thing....if you have read the entire thing...THANK YOU!!! If anyone is wishing to leave a prayer, good notes, funnies, or a blessing, simply leave it here in your reply OR you can email me at: LuvJones78@msn.com. I am printing out all get well wishes for her to read.

Okay..I am gone for real!


Candace said...
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Jennifer Priest said...

Aww Trisha!!! Your Nana is in my prayers. I was just thinking about you all today. The bile ducts run from the gall bladder to the digestive system and that is what helps you digest your food. Stay strong. It sounds like your Nana is a fighter and that is a good thing--if she has hope you all should too. Take it easy.

Jessica Guthrie said...

Best wishes to your Nana and family... hang in there, girl!

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