Friday, October 10, 2008


Good Morning my wonderful friends out there who read my blog! Are you as happy as I am that today is Friday? After a hard week at work, I am glad it is the weekend. I walked out my front door this morning to go to work only to find that it had been raining! I obviously have not had time to check the news for the it was a little unexpected. Well since the last rain last weekend, I have finally located my umbrella so I am good.

What am I doin this weekend? Well to kick it off tonight me and my scrappin sistas are scrappin at my house and having dinner. We try and rotate houses and whoever is hosting, feeds us. Sounds cool right? So I am cooking my sistas some tacos of my most favorite meals! I seriously am thinking I was Hispanic in my prior life....I LOVE MEXIACN FOOD!!! If you know me personally you already know this about me!

Saturday, debating on whether or not to drive up to the new Super Target that has a grand opening, but do I really feel like dealing with the crowds? Probably not! So I will find something to do, you know me!

Sunday, I finally get to spend some quality time with my hubby as he has been working some SERIOUS overtime for about 2 1/2 weeks now, working almost 80 hours a week....not the regular! BUT on the other hand...we could definately use the extra he is off Sunday & Monday and promised he would not call in so we could spend some time as a family...I am off on Monday too... (Thanks Columbus!)

I was thinking about going to Old Town Pasadena and walk...I hear they have a Tiffany store down there now, I need to get my bracelet fixed! I miss wearing it...I really hate that it is just sitting in my jewely box! I need to polish it matter of fact to make it POP! =)

Other than that....I plan to try and relax, enjoy life and taking it easy....

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

Signing off....Trisha Delisha (as my Blinging Babes call me...shout out to you ladies who read my blog faithfully) =)


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Laurie said...

I second that…. THANK YOU COLUMBUS!!
Hope you have wonderful family time!

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