Monday, April 05, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled program!

I know there is just no excuse...well wait! There is a big excuse! Its called LIFE! Sorry friends. I hope I still have a few friends out there thathave not deleted me from their blog roll from stagnet activity!

This is my first time posting layouts since I moved into my new place back in September 09...crazy I know! Well these layouts were done within the past few months, they are old to me but new to you! Hope you enjoy!

I have also completed a Disney album that took too long to was really workin me!


Jennifer Priest said...

Love all the pages Trisha!! Hope I get to scrap with you again soon;)

tsrel said...

So glad to have you as guest designer for Platinum Scraps. I am lifting many of your layouts but will give you credit. And the little one is beautiful.

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