Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Well this year was me and Bre's first Easter since the changes in the family structure. But hey! We made the best of it and she enjoyed herself .

We started our festivities off on Saturday at a egg hunt put on by my Sorors and Frat here at a local park that is done annually. It was really fun. I actually for the first time had possession of 4 little girls under my responsibility at once. Ask me what I was thinking cause still I really don't know! LOL! No, seriously, I thought it would be fun...Bre was sooo happy that her cousins accompanied her to the egg hunt. The girls all had a good time and it was totally worth it! Beyond a shadow of a doubt! Auntie Keisha & Jaylen met us at the park and Bre was even MORE excited!

Here are pics from the park:

Bre at the Easter egg hunt put on by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc & Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Gathering her eggs...

Breanna & Miracle

Miracle, Monica & Bre discussing all their goods....

Cousin Jaylen, Cousin Melissa, Cousin Monica, Cousin Miracle & Miss Breanna Jones at the egg hunt.

Somebody had a good time...we weren't but 10 minutes away from the house! LOL! had to dye eggs and leave them for the Easter Bunny...that was always fun! In the meantime, the greens were cooking and it was smelling real good up in there! THANK GOD for my neighbor friend, cause mommy didn't have NO VINEGAR! I have never asked my neighbor for know I don't want to be that neighbor that always has to "borrow some sugar!" But it was all good, she was really cool about it!

Later that night....aww.....dying eggs!

Woke up and found her Easter basket...that was a real good trick to get her out of the bed so we can get to church! Once she saw her dress she was even more motivated!
Discovering her Easter basket...

OH MY BEAUTY!!! Love her! BTW....I had to put this dress on yesterday as in 4/10/ was not Easter! LOL! She told me she was a princess...go figure.

Two beauties are better than one!

Me and my girl!
Bre giving cousin Monique a big one!

The love!
Look at that silly photographer in the!
Overall the day was good. My family came by and I cooked. We had Honeybaked Ham, greens, meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Rolls, Green Salad...and am I missing something? It was good! That's what I do know!
I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Easter and remembers the reason we celebrate Easter!


Allison Harper said...

Bre in her pink dress - truly a princess!!!!!!

What wonderful pics. I think of you often T, and am glad to see you smiling and moving on with your life.

You rock!

Brown English Muffin said...

I am in love with your daughter in that pink dress....someone put her on a it!

Your pics make me feel bad for not dying easter eggs...ok ok next year!!! LOL

Babydoll said...

Looks like Bre had a blast!! I love the picture of her and her cousin in the car knocked out!!! ;)

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