Monday, August 11, 2008

Few Pics Worth Sharing....

This is what I walked into this morning....and YES she has plenty of room in her bed! She insists on having all of her "babies" in her bed! Anyway...she just gets into these positions that make me crack up! And the girl does not like cover!

After she heard my camera flash...she kinda shifted and ended up this way....

This was this evening...learned behavior I tell you. She had her purse on her shoulder, a play cell phone and some play observant! Thats my girl!

Okay...the following are just snapshots of funny moments...she just gets plain ole' silly sometimes, but mommy loves it as it makes great scrapping! =)

Oooh! You don't know how much I love this little chic! Now she is finally at the stage where she will actually give me a kiss instead of shining me on or acting as if she didn't hear me....

Yup! She has a gap just like her mama and was already predetermined....she's still cute! (Is it just me or is she really posing!)

Trying to grab my camera!

Oooh...maybe a little attitude???...I have NO IDEA where she got that from... ~_~

Talk to the hand cause mama I don't understand.....WHY YOU ARE ACTING LIKE PAPARAZZI! No more photographs please!!!

Oh yes...lovely...she has discovered the 2 holes in her nose...she goes knuckle deep..I know gross...she thinks that mess is funny!

I know her hair is kinda grew over night I swear! She won't let me put any cute barrette in her hair! I have to trick her or do it when she is sleep...I often catch her putting vaseline in her hair...I think Grandma might have had something to do with that, trying to teach her to put it on her she goes straight tot he head!

The latest and greatest!
Goodnight people!


hiscrappergirl said...

Oh, Trisha, the girl is the cutest thing!! Fiona does the same she carries her purse, her baby, keys and anything that looks like a cell phone!!! What a cutie!!!

Cathy said...

oh i love those photos, esp the little attitude one.

The Fry's said...

Trisha! Bre is so dang cute!!! I love the attitude picture, and the hand picture... really they are all so cute. That is so cute with her purse!

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