Friday, August 22, 2008

What's in Your Line Up?

I never really get to watch too much TV anymore so, yes, I have lots of shows to watch when I have "Trisha" time. In no particular order..I like them all....Do I ever get to watch them all? Nope..I wish...Today I did however catch up on Sunset Tan, I Want to Work for Diddy and New York Goes to Hollywood!

Girls Next Door
Tyra Banks Show
Wendy Williams Show
Real Life Divas
Kimora : Life in the Fab Lane
Runs House
Making the Band
The Dish
I Want to Work for Diddy
Luke's Parental Advisory
Desperate Housewives
Sunset Tan
New York Goes to Hollywood

What is in your line up?


tina k. said...

you picked a bunch of my favoites!!! Have to add to the bunch... Real Housewives, The Hills, House Hunters, My House Is Worth What?, and Project Runway!!!

The Fry's said...

Some of my faves are:

Girls Next Door
Kimora : Life in the Fab Lane
Desperate Housewives

I am a huge Bravo Network fan!

Sasha said...

you listed bunches of my faves .. and now Real Housewives of Atlanta when that hits .. you know Ima be all over that ..

Trina said...

we like some of the same ones! thank goodness for DVR or I would never get to watch some of my favs. I am watching: The Hills, ANTM, Nanny 911, The Real Housewives, Project Runway....

Vee said...

My list is long but I will give you a few of my favs:
I Love Money
The Hills
Gossip Girls
Girls Next Door
The Cleaner
The Island
Making the Band
True Blood

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