Sunday, August 03, 2008

Turning 30...

I will NEVER forget!!!

I had a blast and remember everything as if it was yesterday! Many people dread turning 30 but not be honey! I was completely looking forward! took me forever to decide exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday. I know I wanted family there, I know I wanted friends, food, music, etc. So how was I supposed to arrange this wild crazy day!? I finally thought to have a family fun get together FIRST until 8pm THEN after was PARTY TIME!

I had PLENTY of family there...started at like 4ish, till about 7:30ish. I hired the "taco guy" to come and fix tacos for me and my family, cause if you know anything about me, you know I am a taco fiend! So, taco man had carnitas, chicken , and asada. Along with tacos, he also included beans and rice. So we were set. With all the excitement...forgot to do my darn cake. Oh well..we saved that for the next day. We had dominoes out, a jumper for the kids to keep them occupied, so that was good.

Little cousins living it up in the jumper! I even got in and had a ball with them!

Here are a few pics of family during the day:

My step-sister Keisha and best friend of 25 years Rasheedah

My cousin Mike taking his sons shoes off to get in the jumper
(see my "Trisha's turning 30 sign?) I thought it was cute! was quite a chore getting all the kids gone as adults started to stroll in....the DJ and Bartender! Yeah!!! It was time for all the kiddies to say bye bye! Party time!!!

I still need to have a talk to this guy...I make him responsible for helping me have a GREAT party!!!

I like the baarrrtender...(the song people!) Anyway...this is Kevin, the greatest bartender! Definately took care of the people!

Me and my coworker Keisha, shared a shot together! Thats the messed up part about it being your bday...everyone wants to do a shot with you!
After the shot! you can see people were dancing the night away...
I was doing something going down the "Soul Train Line"...I know I did the robot a few times that night...

Party people in the place to be!

I had SUCH a blast man! My sister in law Regina got on the mic and sang a beautiful happy birthday to me..what I do remember at that moment was me being all emotional....sitting Indian Style boo-hooing...well maybe a little was the alchohol, but not all of it. I think I was so emotional because also at that moment, I just realized all over again how BLESSED I am to have all of these people at my house, my friends and family who love me....helping me celebrate my birthday. It is such a good feeling to have so many people in your corner...I love all of my friends who came out, and heck I even love yall who didn't make it. I know things happen....unfortunately you missed a good dang party I CAN tell you that! are a few snapshots of me and some of my friends and family!

Me and Regina (sister-in-law), just had a baby...lookin good girl!
Nichole and her hubby Micheal, me and Nichole go way back to Middle School...

Me and my cousin the medical field at Loma Linda University! YOU GO GIRL!

SUMMER sandz of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, INC!!!!! (Me, Rasheedah, Adrian, Nicole, Tiffany)

Brother-in-law and new wifey Jaylene....newlwyweds since May... =)

Well....I was trying to take a self portrait.....but anyway....Tonya and Keisha....hey cutties!

Palani's mommy and daddy! James and Tomasa...they are always in attendance at the parties!
Me & Tomasa

Jennifer & Xaver..... my scrapping bud...glad you guys came out and enjoyed yourselves!

My DJ....Eric...also long time friend of the family!

Me & Nichole...she's a new mama too! (Jayla's mama) =)

One of my favorite & Emmitt!!!

Me, my step-sister and dad...

I have a lot of pics but I am missing the one where Eric, the DJ found mu husband passed out on the deflated jumper....seems like this is a rutual for the DJ to find Reggie somewhere...

Anyway...I promised pics, so here they are!!!

Thanks for looking! I had a blast! Thanks again for ALL my birthday wishes!!!




Jennifer Priest said...

How fun!! I can't believe I did not see this yet!! Thanks for inviting us--it was a blast!!!

Babydoll said...

Looks like you had a blast!! Thanks for sharing your party with us and 30 is GREAT!! :)

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