Sunday, August 17, 2008

My First Cyber Crop!

Well this weekend I embarked upon my first ever Cyber Crop! It was hosted over at SoCalScrap! It was really nice talking to the girls on the board as I haven't checked in a while. I have so many different places to go, sites to see, blogs to read, mail to check...and the list goes on. It never fails, I sometimes, well most the times don't make it to some of the sites I often like to frequent and enjoy the peeps!
ANYWAY...back to the subject at hand! It was really really fun. They did the cyber crop to celebrate SoCalScraps birthday. There were TONS of games, challenges, make and takes and also had a awesome chat program where we got to talk with each other, joke, motivate and just gab! So that was awesome. So...the actual crop started at 3:00pm on Friday and ended tonight (Sunday). I was bummed a little because I was working and Friday and couldn't start until later that night.
A few of my road dogs came over, Reg BBQ'ed some chicken and it was the bomb! We scrapped for a few hours and I was on a roll! I had to try and get done as much as I could because I had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and it pretty much was going to be a done deal as far as scrapping was concerned...SO...I busted a few of the challenges out.

Here are the ones I did Friday night:

This challenge was the Flower Layout Challenge hosted by Rochelle and we had to have at least a minimum of 15 flowers on one layout....

This was a Fridays Sketch Challenge hosted by Katina...

This one was an "On The Edge" challenge, hosted by Bea. I'm still trying to figure this bad boy out..something is not right and this was a real challenge for me, because I'm not gettin that WOW factor! Oh well..

While pulling out materials...I FOUND these layouts in one of my bags from a crop I went to with my local scrapbook group WhoGivesaScrap! I honestly forgot they were in my darn bag. There is another layout that is not shown below, because I still have some things to complete / finalize!
Obviously I was working on this layout before I turned 30, actually it was in May at a the colors on it..hope you do to!
So..this one was done with the above back in May and just discovered it in my bag...sad I know.
Yes, that is dear hubby..nice smile....I like that dude!

Saturday Morning...before Breanna woke up..I had to go and finish one of the layouts I started, because nothing irks me more than having uncompleted pages! Cause most likely, I will either, 1.)Forget I had it (as mentioned above...and still not finished, OR 2.) Just simply not finish!
So I finished the "Love" Layout, shown above on the green cardstock and brown rick-rack. There is something lacking with this darn layout, but I just wanted to finish it and just left it alone...really don't care for it that much. Oh goes on. So I also did this on Saturday Morning:

He is so not nice....really...what is wrong with this picture??? This was a Prima Layout Challenge where most materials used on the layout should be Prima associated. The only thing that is not Prima is the Black Cardstock. Thank God for my monthly ScrapRoom Monthly Kits...this one alot of the Prima Paper, epoxy stickers and journaling cards. Challenge hosted by "Hickschick"
I REALLY REALLY love the bright colors from Primas "Dude" paper pack. Really don't know if that is the name of the collection, but that's the only word I remember at this point in's 10:24pm, give me a break already... (So the picture.....are you asking yourself..."Is he giving the camera the finger?) YUP...that's my husband for ya! It takes me a few shots to get some good pics...MEN! So that wrapped up Saturday...played Bingo as well, but due to me having no access at the bday party...I didn't get a chance to play! The winner is lucky I wasn't around, because it would had been ME who yelled BINGO first! LOL!

Sunday...had my errands to run, grocery shopping..and oooh that's a whole 'notha post! Why are groceries waaay to high!? Anyway....called Alondra up and told her to bring her buns over so we can get our scrap on once again! This is what I did Sunday afternoon:

This was a challenge right here! Leave it up to Miss Jessica S. to host this! We had to create a layout using items that spelled out "Birthday" in honor of SoCalScraps birthday.
So here is what I used:
B - Blue Buttons
I - Ink
R - Red Flower
T - Turquoise Bling
H - Holly Doodle - Pink Paislee Alpha Stickers
D - "Detours: Dirt Road" (October Afternoon)
A - Alabaster Color Cardstock
Y - Yellow Ribbon! (Threw that on the page, doesn't go, but couldn't think of anything else I had on hand!)

Tanya hosted a Monochromatic challenge. This one was tough for me too as I have never done one of these...I probably could had left the flowers out...but I needed to use them because they have been in my stash waaay too long! Anyway..these are pieces that make up my hubby....(I am in my bed, really tired, so sorry can't remember all the journaling..but it was pretty cool!)

Katrina hosted this Sunday Sketch Challenge...I am happy with the results! Love the layering...

Birthday Card Challenge hosted by Nancy...we had to use the colors that re in SoCalScraps Logo..mine was blah...I really need to get more creative with my darn cards..I know..

Anyway...I am really REALLY tired...tomorrow is Monday (DARN IT!) and I have a test to take as I applied for a supervisors position..wish me luck!

Thanks for looking and stopping by my blog!
Have a wonderful week!


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow Trisha!! Sounds like you had a blast! Good luck on your test this AM too. Wish I could have scrapped along with you--we had Girl Scouts stuff this weekend though. See you soon!

Karen said...

Trisha - you got so much done. Sounds like you had a blast! Lovin' all your work!

Cindy said...

Love your LOs, Trisha! Wow, you got *so* much done. WTG!

Rochelle said...

Wow Trisha! Your layouts are awesome! It was great chatting with you while scrappin'! It felt like we were sitting right in front of each other! Although, i didnt get any BBQ! :( LOL

Jessica Studer said...

Great Job on all of those challenges Trisha! You were a busy girl this weekend, YOU ROCK! LOL, YES YOU REALLY DO ROCK!! =-P

Shawna said...

Love those Layouts.... And you have the cutest little girl I have ever seen.

Laurie R. said...

Wow you got a lot done. Great job. I love your work. And your card is not boring. It looks great.

Eileen said...

I can't believe how much you got done. You were jammin'!

N2ScrapN4Fun said...

I just came across your blog and I must say that I really love your designs.

I'll definitely be back to visit to see more of your awesome creations.


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