Wednesday, August 06, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Okay so...I read this on my fellow friend Dawn's blog and I am snagging it! Don't you want to know a little bit more about me that you possibly didn't know before!? WELL NOW YOU DO!!! =)

Sport: Basketball
Color: Right now, Orange
Movie: "Mommy Dearest"
Broadway Play I have seen: I have never seen one....
Broadway play Broadway Musical I have seen: The Lion was GREAT!
Broadway musical Song: umm....can't really think of one...
American city I have visited: New Orleans, LA
Foreign city I have visited: Foreign!? Well what is considered foreign??
Book: "The Coldest Winter Ever" (Sister Souljah)
Children's Book: Horrible No Good Day
Recent television show: Baldwin Hills
Actor: Denzel!!!
Actress: Angela Basset
Perfume: Pleasures
Food: Mexican
Dessert: Not too much of a dessert person, but a yellow cake with Chocolate frosting will do!
Chain Restaurant: Chilis
Local Restaurant: Claim Jumpers
Car: Umm...wish I had a Toyota Camry...2009
Condiment: Ketchup of course!
Kitchen Appliance: George Foreman
Appliance: Surround Sound System....Sony
Beauty Product: Vaseline!
Piece of clothing: Comfy unders!
Show: Desperate Housewives
Food Network show: Tie between Paula Dean & Rachel Ray
Author: Jerome Dickey
Male Songwriter: NEO! Musical Genius!
Female Songwriter: I have no idea...
Holiday: Christmas
Ballet I have seen: Never seen a ballet before.
Disney character: Tinkerbell
Flower: Purple Tulip
Alcoholic drink: Sour Amaretto
Non-Alcoholic drink: Strawberry Lemonade...
Magazine: Sister 2 Sister
Animated movie: Cars
Television network miniseries: What happen to the after school specials???
Season: Autumn / Fall
Male vocalist: Luther Vandross
Female vocalist: Oh man...can't think of just one...k I will go with India Arie
Day of the week: Friday
Household Chore: Washing Dishes
Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins Cookies & Cream
Candy: Brachs Candy Corn...
Artist: ME!
Quotation: Don't know any by heart...sad hugh...I will get embarrassed if I say it wrong!

Now, how about YOU? Are you playing too? And a bonus topic for you:
What's your minimum preparation for going out in public? Are you a quick mascara and lip gloss girl (in the car, no less?), a no-fuss-no-muss-no makeup nor hair production gal, or are you more of a diva, complete with flawless makeup, coiffure, and matching (stain-free) outfit?

I'm a laid back type of chic...I do not wear make up, don't have to! Every now and then I will do eye shadow and mascara, but to go go the gym or is what it is! Put on some decent clothes and call it a day! I don't feel the need to impress nobody! I always make sure I have my Tiffany necklace on, my 3 rings (wedding, thumb, and class ring), and my lip gloss!

Feel free to copy and paste!


Jennifer Priest said...

You could have had me fooled with the make up thing--I totally thought you wore make up!~ LOL Shows how much I know about that kind of thing...

Laurie said...

You have great taste....
Alcoholic drink: Sour Amaretto

Those are my favorite also. Midoir sours are also tasty.

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