Friday, August 08, 2008

A Day at the Beach... I know it took me long enough to add up my photos!
Well 2 weeks ago today I thought it would be cool for us to have a family day and take Breanna to the beach for the first time. My girlfriend recommended Corona Del Mar Beach, as it may be more on the clean side and quiet, kick back. The beach also has a nice little grass area which was nice too. The weather...was an immediate change from the Inland Empire. While at home it was well in the 100's and I wanna say at the beach it was about somewhere in the mid to high 70's.
We left home around 10:30ish had a few errands to run and finally got to the beach around noon. No traffic on the way there which was beautiful. We took the toll roads...kinda nice but not....why do they charge so much!? And you have to pay both ways!

Needless to say we got there in no time.
So Bre's first time at the beach...come with me on her adventure...

Here she is on her way, with one of her little fury friends in her lap. In the corner you can see her little toy chair that of course plays music. There is also a small dish that holds treats...she loves this chair. Everytime she sits down, it plays tunes. So yes, we brought that with us.

I took her attachment out her mouth so I can try and get a decent smile...good enough!

There is a cute smile! She really wasn't too sure to think of the beach. She just barely got used to walking on the grass, and now she has to put up with sand for the day! She did well overall...considering it was her first time.

What a diva....she was sitting on dads lap and she raised up her little legs, so dad could get the sand off her "piggy wiggies" (toes people!)...she wasn't really feeling the sand too much! we try and get in the water...nope...wasn't feeling that either!

She realized that this was NOT her bathtub!

"GET ME OUTTA HERE DADDY!!!!" Sometimes I have to remind Reggie that Bre is not a boy! LOL! He just kinda put her in and let her be, "Aww...she'll get used to it!" Hello!? I told him she won't wanna ever come back to the beach! Take her out! She is screaming her head off...a little embarrassing actually! Poor baby! She was holding on pretty tight....

Everything was okay after a swig of juice and snacks...of course food is always a remedy for her!

I really did ask her to stay out the Doritos cause of the sharp edges and fear of her choking...she didn't usual. She really thinks she is slick and no one is watching her. I love seeing her look out the corner of her eyes to see if anyone is watching...

BUSTED!!!!!!! Oh...yes...that is a mixture of chocolate pudding AND Doritos. Good mix right!? is so relaxed...he kinda fell asleep on me and Bre. I am assuming she was trying to cover him up? and baby girl attempted to try one more time. This time we went without daddy...and she did much better. I was talking to her as if we were in the tub, showing her that the water splashes just like it does in the tub! For some reason it made it better! Go figure!

Me and Bre playing in the water...I got more smiles this time time should be even better.

We had a wonderful day at the know I can't wait to scrap these right?
Thanks for looking!




Sarah said...

Oh Bre is just the cutest little beach babe!!! Trisha darl, you don't look too bad yourself! Glad you all had a great day out - can't wait for the summer weather here in Oz!

Kimberly said...

Oh girl Bre is such a doll and wow she is getting to be a big girl!! Love her looks especially when you took her out into the water, a mommy's touch is always special!

TanishaRenee said...

Can't wait to see these on a LO! Looks like fun, especially the chocolate pudding and doritos! LOL!

Jessica Studer said...

Trish, she is getting so big and simply adorable!!

Babydoll said...

What a wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing. She is such a doll and I love the Dorito photos!! LOL!! Too cute!

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