Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Search of My 100th Member...

...of WhoGivesaScrap yahoo Group. You may see the name here and there..."WhoGas" I know it sounds funny, but one of the members came up with the catchy, crazy abbreviated name! LOL!

Anyhow...time sure does fly! On August 26th will mark one year that I started my Yahoo group and I have met really wonderful people that I am proud to call my friends! Most of all my Scrap friends! Yes, majority of us are here in Southern Cali, and to be even more precise...the mighty Inland Empire!!!

So with that said...I will be giving away a nice RAK to my 100th member!!! Please be sure when requesting membership to mention the person who may have referred you so they can receive a nice RAK to and some recognition from me!

Who will it be? I am waiting... If you are interested you can do one of the following:
1. You can click on this link and request membership: WhoGivesaScrap
2. Email me at: LuvJones78@msn.com and Subject: Membership Request (so that I do not mistaken it for junk!)

Disclaimer....THIS IS A DRAMA FREE ZONE!!! We are a small scaled group, we are not your SB.com or 2peas, 2 different calibers! =)

A little overview of the group:

A little bit more about the group: My group was originally named Inland Empire Scrap Group, but realized that many people were afraid to request membership because of the specified name of our group. I later thought, well maybe I should change the name, so that we can get more members from around the world. The more the merrier right!? But of course....So..it was designed for scrappers around the world to unite and utilize this board as a networking system.

In this group our overall goal is to simply be a scrapper, have fun, and enjoy each others company! We talk about just about anything from scrapbooking to family and maybe even our favorite foods! Our mission is to offer various tips, discuss new products, review scrapbook stores in your area, the latest and greatest items out! Just a big networking circle of ladies who share the same passion! Locally we will have monthly crops, and coming up this November we will be having our first scrapbook retreat (first come first serve basis.)

We try to engage in some fun stuff like challenges and games! You are welcome to join a great group of women who like to have fun and can get down to business! Here, we welcome everyone's ideas, layout ideas & contests, recommendations of scrap stores, etc.

Please note: We prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. =) It's NOT about the numbers but about the quality of our group. =) If interested in joining our group and believe that you will be an ASSET to this group, come on in and have a good time! Not only are we cool scrap buddies but many friendships have blossomed from this group. Hope to see you inside!

Oh yeah...leave the drama at the door...you will be entering a drama free zone!


Jennifer Priest said...

LOL--Can I join?! He he...I love our group and thanks for starting it and keeping it going Trisha.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

Trish...thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me mad love...good luck finding your 100th member!...remain blessed!

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